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20.8.2013:The 4H organisation to join the WEEE recycling effort

The environmental education provided by the 4H organisation and the associated active material-recycling operations - which have been in place for decades - have now expanded to cover the local collection of household electrical and electronic appliances that are no longer in use.

The national co-operation contract signed for WEEE recycling is up to date and a natural continuation of the recycling operations we have been carrying out since the 1970s, says Seppo Hassinen, managing director of the 4H organisation.

The co-operation with this national, well-organised youth work organisation is highly useful also in appropriate fulfilment of the responsibility of producers of electric and electronic equipment, says Sakari Hietala, the managing director of producers service company Elker Oy.

The 4H organisation is the largest youth organisation in Finland, with nearly 70,000 members. There are 250 4H associations, throughout Finland. The local associations´ work is supported by 14 regional 4H districts. Activities in Swedish are provided by Finlands svenska 4H, which has over 4,000 members.

WEEE recycling is a co-operative undertaking of producers of electric and electronic equipment via Flip ry, ICT Producers Co-operative-TY, SELT ry, SER-tuottajayhteisö ry, and ERP Finland. The joint operations fulfil the members producer responsibility, meeting the legislative requirements for the recycling of discarded electric and electronic equipment, organising possible reuse, and carrying out appropriate reporting for their member companies.

Sources of further information:
Finnish 4H Organisation, Patrik Lindfors: patrik.kindfors [at]
Elker Oy, Sakari Hietala: sakari.hietala [at] (in Finnish and Swedish)

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