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Elker Members and producers via authorized representation

Members and producers via authorized representation

The list shown gives the members of SELT Association, ICT Producer Co-operative and FLIP Association, and producers that take care of their obligations with Elker Ltd. as their authorized representative.

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A VAT number Producer organisation or authorized representative
111616 Branch Opco (UK) Limited, sivuliike Suomessa2557802-8ICT
3H Distribution Oy2399979-3SELT
A-COM Oy1102552-9SELT
A-Line Trade Oy2475484-3ICT
Aarikka Oy0532223-6SELT
AB Harrys El2987283SELT
Ab Mariehamns Parti Bygg Varuhuset0144947-5SELT
ABB Oy, AsennustuotteetA0763403-0SELT
Abbott Medical Optics Norden AB, Filial i Finland1767082-8ICT
Abbott Oy Abbott Diabetes CareA0803151-4SELT
Abbott Oy Diagnostics Division0803151-4SELT
Abloy Oy0774324-5SELT
Accedian Networks Inc4267311Elker
Acer Finland Oy1067991-8ICT
AD-Lux Oy0983613-8SELT
Adax As981388143Elker
Adidas Suomi Oy1560143-1SELT
AG Art & Design2185838-0ICT
Agfa Graphics NV, Suomen sivuliike2418988-0ICT
Agfa HealthCare N.V.403003524SELT
Agilent Technologies Finland Oy15536182SELT
AH Belysning Ab556359223601Elker
Ahlsell Oy0353811-3SELT
Ahlsell ┼land Ab2080009-9SELT
Aidon Oy1881960-4SELT
Air Wise Oy0944611-3SELT
Airam Electric Oy Ab0733549-5SELT
Airbus Defence and Space Oy1971133-9ICT
Aito Hand Held Oy0747563-1ICT
Alcatel-Lucent Suomi Oy0114117-1ICT
Alcon Nordic A/S2587484-7SELT
Algol Diagnostics Oy2031641-6SELT
Allaway Oy0176280-8SELT
Alppilux Oy0603344-4SELT
ALSO Finland Ltd.0998639-8ICT
ALSTOM Grid Oy1558237-3SELT
Alunor Oy Ab0666098-2SELT
Amazon Oy0521504-3SELT
Ambu A/S filial1628345-5SELT
Amo Oy0104667-6SELT
Amphion Loudspeakers Oy1472980-4ICT
Amway Scandinavia (America) LLC-sivuliike Suomessa1526195-9SELT
Aneta Belysning Aktiebolag Vńxj÷ filial i Finland1932523-5SELT
Anglo-Nordic Oy Ab2253931-4ICT
Anite Telecoms Oy0647719-2SELT
Anritsu AB filial Finland1051576-1SELT
Anvia TV Oy0626845-4ICT
Aplicom Oy0995791-7ICT
Apple Distribution International9700053DElker
Are Oy0989493-6SELT
Arodos Oy1029959-5SELT
Aronen J & K Oy0862002-8SELT
Aronet-Esitysyhti÷ Oy1064375-5ICT
Arrant-Light Oy0580543-0SELT
Arrow ECS Finland Oy1540802-5ICT
Arrow Finland Oy0115204-9ICT
Artek Oy Ab0106656-2SELT
Artequa Oy1727138-4SELT
Artisan Rinaldo Ab Ltd0777493-0SELT
Artonis OŘ100778355Elker
Ascom Miratel Oy1034894-0ICT
AT&T Global Network Services Finland Oy1482525-7ICT
AT-Valaisin Oy0623755-1SELT
Atea Finland Oy0919156-0ICT
Atexor Oy0837082-3SELT
Atoy Automotive Finland Oy1630177-2SELT
Audelec Oy2639987-3ICT
Audico Systems Oy0679184-3ICT
Audioparts Finland Oy2259303-8ICT
Aura Light Oy0972214-9FLIP
Aurora Group Finland Oyj0536309-7SELT
AV Marketing Finland Oy2265398-5ICT
AV-Komponentti Oy2544181-4SELT
Avaintieto Oy0499774-1ICT
Avalarm Oy0991423-9SELT
Avecom Media Oy1071099-7ICT
Avid Nordic AB, sivuliike Suomessa1485046-0ICT
Avon Cosmetics Finland Oy1937257-6SELT
Axel Group Logistic Systems Oy1866620-6ICT

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