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Members and producers via authorized representation

The list shown gives the members of SELT Association, ICT Producer Co-operative and FLIP Association, and producers that take care of their obligations with Elker Ltd. as their authorized representative.

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B VAT number Producer organisation or authorized representative
B&W Group Finland Oy0891594-2ICT
B. Braun Medical Oy0111467-5SELT
Bandercom Oy Ltd1600113-9ICT
Bang & Olufsen Expansion A/S28698755Elker
Bard Finland Oy0910512-4SELT
Bat. Power Oy0920049-8ICT
Bauhaus & Co Ky1580679-5SELT
Bausch & Lomb Nordic AB1096428-4SELT
Baxalta Finland Oy2619465-9SELT
Baxter Oy0584473-9SELT
Bayer Oy1703777-4SELT
BCC Solutions Oy2562227-9ICT
Beamark Oy2300525-0SELT
Beckhoff Automation Oy1606412-1SELT
Becton Dickinson Oy0770864-2SELT
Beesting Oy0768611-3ICT
Belid AB226039065901Elker
BenQ Nordic AB556692948401Elker
Berner Osakeyhtiö0107011-5SELT
Berner Pultti Oy0291568-5SELT
Best Friend Group Oy1073893-0SELT
Bio-Rad Laboratories AB filial i Finland0989739-5SELT
Biolan Oy0132209-5SELT
bioMérieux Suomi Oy0527768-2SELT
BioNordica Oy1058730-0SELT
BioZone Scientific (UK) Ltd2628639-3SELT
BL-Palontorjunta Oy0897964-7SELT
Black Box Finland Oy1612213-3ICT
Blue Coat Systems Finland Oy2171655-0ICT
Blue Import BIM Oy2114871-7SELT
Boreas Electronics Oy0782593-7SELT
Bose Finland, filial till Bose A/S2034449-2ICT
Bostik Oy0155255-2SELT
Boston Scientific Suomi Oy1996330-9SELT
Brautek Oy0679085-9SELT
Brightpoint Finland Oy1642144-0ICT
Brodeeraus Jo-Ha Oy1097645-3SELT
Brother Finland, Brother Nordic A/S Tanska, sivuliike Suomessa2391312-8ICT
BÄ-RO Finland Oy1032770-1SELT

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