Joining ICT Producer Co-operative

A producer applying for membership in ICT Producer Co-operative fills in the ICT membership application available at the link below and sends it to ICT Producer Co-operative. Please note: if the company only has a foreign business registration/ID number and does not have domicile or a branch in Finland that has a Finnish registration/ID number with domicile in Finland, then an Authorised Representative needs to be appointed to Finland. Read more here.

Producer responsibility is transferred and membership begins when the application has been approved according to ICT Producer Co-Operative's regulations. Approval of membership application will be notified to the producer by email.

ICT Producer Co-operative's members are also notified to the producer register of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Pirkanmaa.

A company joining in ICT Producer Co-operative can at the same time also register affiliates that put electrical and electronic equipment on the Finnish market. In this case, the affiliates are registered under parent company's membership and the parent company includes the affiliates on its own reports. Affiliates can be registered with the ICT Affiliate Form (below).

Affiliates can also register to a producer organization as an independent member.

ICT Membership Application

ICT Affiliate Form

Admittance fee, contribution and annual fee

The admittance fee determined on the basis of turnover of electrical and electronic equipment falling within the scope of the WEEE directive is:

  • Sales of electrical and electronic equipment less than 1 million euros, admittance fee 500 euros,
  • Sales of electrical and electronic equipment less than 10 million euros, admittance fee 1,500 euros,
  • Sales of electrical and electronic equipment more than 10 million euros, admittance fee 3,000 euros,

The contribution of ICT Producer Co-operative is 100 euros. The contribution will be repaid if the company terminates its membership.

If a company produces electrical and electronic equipment only suitable for company use (B2B) an annual fee of 300 euros is charged from the company. 

Recycling fees and reporting of device suitable for household use

For electrical and electronic equipment put on the Finnish market, suitable for household use and falling within the scope of the WEEE directive (B2C), a recycling fee subject to the price list of the Elker will be charged. For all the equipment put on the Finnish market (mainland and Åland Islands) ICT Producer Co-operative requests reports every 3 months (four times a year). Recycling fees based on the reports are charged from the producer for the device suitable for household use.

Recycling fees of consumer products are based on the recycling costs of equipment returned to recycling. The costs in question are allocated between producers in accordance with the number of equipment put on the market by them. The recycling fees of products intended for professional use become payable when the equipment are returned for recycling.

If a company has put electrical and electronic equipment on the Finnish market before joining producer organisation, recycling fee reports for B2C products need to be filled in retrospectively for three years prior to the joining year.

The recycling fee price list of the Elker is intended exclusively for the members. In matters involving pricing, a new company joining the membership of the producer organisation can seek advise from employees of Elker.

Reporting of device not suitable for household use

The amounts of equipment that is not suitable for household use (B2B) are reported to ICT Producer Co-operative four times a year.

Recycling fee as part of product price

Recycling fee is a fixed part of product cost which forms part of product price from producer to end-user. After 2011 the recycling fee has not been allowed to be shown separately in the product price.




  • 1. Elker is a reliable service provider with over 15 years of experience in the field.
  • 2. Elker is always up-to-date on the latest obligations set out in the EU's WEEE directive and the corresponding obligations of the Finnish legislation.
  • 3. Elker organises the recycling processes of electrical and electronic equipment efficiently.
  • 4. Elker's WEEE recycling processes are sustainable and safe.
  • 5. The WEEE collected is mainly recycled in Finland, according to strict safety regulations and processes.
  • 6. Elker is part of a European-wide joint venture network that enables the producers to settle the WEEE and battery & accumulator requirements and take care of the responsibilities also in Norway and Switzerland, in addition to most of the EU countries.