Small equipment

Small WEEE means electrical and electronic appliances the dimensions of which are all under 25 cm.

Small equipment include, for example, toasters, illuminators, small household appliances like toasters, coffee machines, toys and clocks.


Because of the diversity of appliances, the recycling process of one piece of equipment can be very different from another. Normally the equipment is crushed into tiny pieces so that the materials can be separated and sorted with different technologies. The materials can be separated from each other using, for example, magnets, the weight of the different materials or x-ray technology. 

In addition to metals, small equipment contain mixed plastics that are usually transported abroad for further processing. The plastic might return to Finland in the form of a fleece shirt, for example.

SER-laitteiden käsittelystä saadaan paljon alumiinia.




  • 1. Elker is a reliable service provider with over 15 years of experience in the field.
  • 2. Elker is always up-to-date on the latest obligations set out in the EU's WEEE directive and the corresponding obligations of the Finnish legislation.
  • 3. Elker organises the recycling processes of electrical and electronic equipment efficiently.
  • 4. Elker's WEEE recycling processes are sustainable and safe.
  • 5. The WEEE collected is mainly recycled in Finland, according to strict safety regulations and processes.
  • 6. Elker is part of a European-wide joint venture network that enables the producers to settle the WEEE and battery & accumulator requirements and take care of the responsibilities also in Norway and Switzerland, in addition to most of the EU countries.