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Expert in producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment

We offer producers of electrical and electronic equipment expert services for managing producer responsibility in three producer organizations: SELT, ICT Producer Co-operative and Flip.

As the registered producer of electrical and electronic equipment, you report the number of devices put on the market, in continental Finland and Åland, on a quarterly basis, in Elker’s reporting system.

Return discarded devices to an official collection point. It´s free of charge for consumers. We take care of the proper and environmentally friendly treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

A company selling electrical and electronic equipment to another country must take care of the producer responsibilities in the country where the sales are made. A company selling directly to an end user to another EU country must appoint an authorized representative in the country of destination of the sale, who must be responsible for producer responsibility in accordance with the laws and regulations of that country. Elker can act as an authorized representative for a foreign company that sells electrical and electronic equipment directly to the end user to Finland. As Elker’s international corporate customer, you can take care of producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment and batteries in 26 other European countries in addition to Finland.

Topical issues

Service company Elker

Elker Oy is a service company for producer organizations that provides expert services for producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment in Finland. It organizes the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and takes care of the implementation of other producer responsibility obligations in practice.

Elker is a non-profit service company founded by three producer organizations. It is owned by the producer organizations SELT association, the ICT-Producer Co-operative and FLIP association. A company that has entered into a transfer agreement with one producer organization will also have access to the services of other producer organizations represented by Elker. Elker’s board consists of two members from the board of each producer organization.

Elker manages producer responsibility expertly with twenty years of experience and strives to minimize the environmental impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment in all its operations.