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Join a producer organization

Producer organizations are associations set up by producers. As a member of the community, your company can take advantage of the administrative, volume and logistics benefits of joint procurement of recycling services and influence the procurement decisions for these services. Elker Oy is a service company founded and jointly owned by the producer organizations SELT Association, the ICT-Producer Cooperative and FLIP Association, which is responsible for the practical implementation of producer responsibility obligations. However, the member company enters into a producer responsibility transfer agreement with the producer organization (SELT, ICT or Flip).

Companies registered in Finland

The easiest way, for a company registered in Finland, to handle producer responsibility, is to join a producer organization whose industry mainly includes the company’s products. If the products represent different categories of equipment, the company joins the producer organization in which the company has the most categories of equipment. The actual application for membership is made on the producer organization´s page.

SELT Association is responsible for, among other things, the producer responsibility for household appliances, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, cooling vending machines, toys and leisure equipment.

ICT Producer Co-Operative -TY is responsible for the producer responsibility for information and telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.

FLIP Association is responsible for the producer responsibility for the lamps.

A domestic producer of portable batteries and accumulators must become a member of Recser Oy and a producer of lead-acid batteries Akkukierrätys Pb Oy.

Foreign companies

A producer selling at a distance to another EU country must appoint an authorized representative in that country to carry out the producer responsibility obligations on behalf of the producer in that Member State. Elker can act as an authorized representative for a company registered abroad that imports, manufactures or sells its products under its own brand in Finland. Read more: Authorized Representative

A Finnish company that trades in other European countries

A producer engaged in distance selling from Finland to another EU country must appoint an authorized representative in the country where the sale is made. As an international corporate customer, Elker can take care of producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment and small batteries and accumulators in 26 other countries. Elker is part of the European co-operation network WEEE Europe AG, whose representatives are the best experts in the legislation and practice of each country. Read more: Elker’s European cooperation network