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Product Name and Trademark Survey

Electrical and electronic equipment producers must inform the producer organization of information about the product names and trademarks of the equipment they have placed on the Finnish market. The survey is implemented as a SurveyMonkey survey, and it is sent to the reporting contact person via email. The survey must be answered by 31 October 2022. Answering is mandatory for all companies, and the survey applies to both domestic producer organization members and foreign remote sellers.

By trademark, we mean a word or a phrase, that may consist of words, letters, numbers or any other symbols, used in word processing. The survey is related to the producer association’s re-registration application, which, due to the change in legislation, requires the collection of the data in question (Government Decree on amending the Government Decree on waste electrical and electronic equipment (1026/2021) § 16).

Thank you for the answers!