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FAQ / Reporting system

Where can I get a new password?

Why doesn’t the password work?

How do I add a new reporting contact?

How do I enter data for a report?

Go to the login page of the reporting system: and choose a forgotten password. Follow the instructions.

The password must be at least eight characters long, containing uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters. Do not use periods and commas in your password. If you are copying a password or username, make sure that no extra spaces or other extra characters are included.

The new reporting contact creates the IDs on the login page: “New reporting user or new registration with the producer association”. If the reporting person changes, log in to the reporting system and go to your own information. Enter the details of the new reporting person in place of your own information (name, phone, etc.).

Changes in reporting contacts are reviewed at Elker’s member support. We will send a confirmation once the review is complete.

The quarterly reports of the reporting system report the total number of devices placed on the market in kilograms. Do not use a period or comma when entering numbers in a field. Also check that the number fields do not contain extra spaces or characters other than numbers. The report indicates the net weight of the equipment, ie the weight without any batteries, accumulators and packaging.